Shared Services Center

Exerius re-shapes the way you work

Software and human resources result in real solutions to automate any business process. The highly accurate results can be downloaded directly in your archive, data base, ERP, CRM, accounting application or wherever they need to be used.

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exerius gateway

Exerius Gateway

Symphonise your business

In Exerius Gateway shared services and shared software play together harmoniously, automated and under control. Exerius Gateway is an online integrator, a single sign-on and customizable platform to launch and monitor your business processes, tasks and applications, all on a pay-per-use basis.

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Shared Software Center

Pre-installed or on-demand applications

At Exerius they are both available licensed on a subscription basis, enabling you to trim IT costs and shift the burden of installation, security, support and maintenance to Exerius.

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